3 Reasons For End Of Summer Carpet Care

38385035_sThe end of summer is both a sad and productive time of the year. While it is sad to see the fun days of spending time in the warm summer sun begin to lessen, it is also exciting to be moving into fall and see the leaves begin to change.

Each season has its own group of allergens, bacteria, and particulates that fly around in the air. Even if you always keep your windows and doors closed, these tiny floating specs can make their way into your home via vents and even on your own clothes and shoes.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of each season, and before a new one is a great way to start with a clean slate and improve the indoor air quality of your space. Some additional benefits to end of summer carpet cleaning are:

  • The summer months are especially plagued with pollen and other allergens. These particulates make their way in your home, and settle into your carpet. If you or someone you know has allergies, they can be irritated by these allergens long after the pollen count outside drops because they are trapped in your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning removes all allergens and pollen from the carpet, and reduces respiratory inflammation and irritation.
  • When dirt and other debris settle into your carpet, the various layers begin to work as an abrasive surface and wear against the fibers of your carpet. This process will breakdown your carpet and make it look worn and dingy. It will also show signs of wear and could possibly develop holes or bare spots.
  • Having your carpets professionally cleaned after each weather season helps to make the next time the carpet is cleaned much easier. Removing the layers of dirt and allergens deposited during the summer, creates a clean area for the fall season and reduces the layer upon layer build up. Your carpet is made much cleaner and kept that way by keeping up the maintenance.

If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned yet this summer, schedule your appointment soon. The fall weather will be here shortly and with it comes a whole new layer of dirt and debris that could damage your carpet.

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