3 Ways Having Your Ducts Cleaned Will Help Your Carpet

10509201_sThe carpeting in your building is very important to the impression that your business makes on potential clients. If there are stains or rips in the carpet, it can make your business seem less effective than competitors.

The carpet is the largest flat surface in your business, so it has to be in top condition at all times. But, in addition to the carpet being in top condition, it is important that it be clean.

And, not just free from stains and debris, but free from pollutants, allergens, and inflammatory particles. This is best done by keeping your carpet professionally cleaned. But, also by keeping the duct system for your building cleaned.

This dramatically decreases the indoor air quality of your business and, while it may not be as obvious as a stain on the carpet, it does impact the impression that your clients have about your business.

Here are some additional reasons that you might schedule an air duct cleaning:

  • Your air ducts have never been cleaned. If you have never had the air duct system of your business cleaned before, it should be at the top of your list of things to do. Reducing the amount of dirt and dust particles that blow into your office from your system could dramatically reduce the amount of dust that builds up on the surfaces of your building.
  • You or a member of your team has allergies. When the indoor air quality of your business is not as high as it should be, anyone who has allergies and works in the space will notice a dramatic increase in their susceptibility – this could increase the number of sick days that people take.
  • You have recently had your office remodeled. If you have recently had remodeling done in your business or even new carpet or flooring put down, a lot of dust and particles were kicked up and have settled in your duct system. Having all of that cleaned out is important to maintaining a healthy workplace for you and your staff.

When you turn the air or heat on in your business to keep the indoor temperature comfortable, the air that is pushed through the system pushes all of the dirt and dust that is in the system out into the open space of your building. Make sure to avoid this scenario by having your air ducts cleaned.


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