3 Ways To Keep Your Office Clean All Winter

check-1769866_1280Now that we are well into the winter season, you have probably begun to see signs of your office or commercial building sustaining some damage.

There are so many different types of debris, dirt, and residue that can get tracked into your building from outside.

Not only is the winter weather harsh but also all of the moisture and debris that is tracked into your building from outside can be damaging.

Unfortunately, your floors will sustain the majority of the damage because the debris and dirt comes inside on the shoes of your patrons and clients.

Additionally, your windows and other surfaces will start to develop a layer of dirt and muddy water from the splashing and spraying that happens outside of your building when cars drive through the parking lot or rain gutters get overwhelmed.

Thankfully, there are some things that you can have your professional cleaning service to on a more regular basis to battle against your office looking dingy due to these scenarios.

The three main cleaning activities that will help keep your office well-maintained and sparkling clean are:

  • Floor Cleaning. During the winter floors are exposed to sand, mud, rock salt and moisture. Maintaining your floors during this time is crucial as when combined these natural and manmade factors can cause your floors to scratch, lose color and even stain. We recommend putting together a regular basis floor cleaning plan for the winter. Scheduling regular buffing/burnishing, washing and strip and seal services you will ensure you floors are protected.
  • Carpet Cleaning. Carpets, just like hard surface floors are subject to damage from the winter elements. Regular basis vacuuming should be increased during the winter to account for the sand and rock salt that gets tracked into the office. You should also clean your office’s entrance mats. This ensures that your first line of defense is doing its job and preventing sand, rock salt and moisture from getting on your office’s carpets and floors.
  • Window Cleaning. Clean windows = more sunlight! During the winter clean windows can save you money on your heating bill by letting in more sunlight during the day. Natural factors such as snow can make your windows dirty. When your windows become dirty they degrade faster over time. It is important to have a regular basis window cleaning program during the winter.


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