4 Keys to an Impressively Clean Lobby

A neat commercial environment can promote positivity and make a permanent impression on your customers and clients. Since the reception or lobby area is the primary entrance for your business, it is important to ensure it makes a great impact on your visitors. Here are a few easy tips you can utilize on a regular basis to make a positive impression on all who enter your commercial building.


Be Aware of High Traffic Areas

Frequently used areas in your commercial building see a lot of foot traffic and your lobby is probably one of the most used spaces in your building. This means the floors or carpets in your reception regions are probably the dirtiest sections. You will need to clean these places more frequently than other areas, and will most likely need a professional team to do so.


Purchase Entrance Mats

Investing in mats and area rugs for your lobby is a great way to protect your carpets or floors from harmful materials that are bound to make their way through the doors. Entrance mats are excellent at catching dirt and other debris brought in from the outdoors and preventing these materials from seeping into your building’s floors. They are also much easier to remove or replace when damaged than flooring.


Dust Regularly

Making sure the tables, lamps, and other fixtures in your reception area are dust-free is extremely important when trying to establish a good reputation with visitors. It may take a bit for dirt to become prominent in your carpets, but dusty furniture is something that guests will notice right away. This is particularly true when a client or customer is sitting in your waiting area for a while.


Clean Your Windows

Windows can bring natural light into a room and create a positive environment in your lobby. But when you do not clean them on a regular basis, they begin to show dust ¬†and smudges, and are not appealing to clients and customers looking through your window. Get both the inside and the outside of your lobby’s windows cleaned regularly. This will help your reception area maintain a professional appearance.

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