8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean During Flu Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that during the 2019-2020 flu season, 38 million people will contract the flu, 18 million people will seek treatment from their healthcare providers, 400,000 will be hospitalized, and 22,000 will die as a result of contracting the flu. Because the flu can survive for up to 48 hours on surfaces, the best way to protect your family from contracting this serious respiratory illness is to develop a comprehensive cleaning plan to prevent it from entering your home. Check out the following eight tips to keep your home clean this flu season.

  1. Institute a “no shoes in the house” rule, directing your family members to take their shoes off at the door and store them in the entryway of your home. You can also clean the soles of shoes by wiping them down with disinfectant wipes.
  2. When you bring home groceries or other items, wash your hands immediately before putting away these items and again after you are finished.
  3. Repeatedly clean common touch points throughout your home, including light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls.
  4. Sanitize the hard surfaces in your kitchen at least once per week, especially countertops, faucet handles, refrigerator door handles, and any areas used for preparing food.
  5. Frequently soak children’s toys in hot soapy water, as they can pick up a number of harmful bacteria and viruses from schools and daycare centers and transport them into your home.
  6. Mop on a regular basis with a disinfecting cleaner. Prevent germs from developing between uses by soaking your mop in a solution of hot water and a few drops of bleach, then rinsing it well and hanging it up to dry completely.
  7. Sanitize cell phones frequently. We touch our cell phones an average of 47 times every day, and research demonstrates that they carry up to ten times the amount of bacteria found on a typical toilet seat.
  8. Wash your hands often throughout the day, scrubbing them for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap. Always wash before and after meals, after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose, and after using the restroom.

If you would like to ensure your home is as clean as possible this flu season, schedule a professional cleaning with our team of trained experts. Contact Vista Building Services today by calling (541) 773-8228 or submitting the form on our website.

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