Are You Considering Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company? Be Sure to Ask These Seven Questions

Operating a successful business comes with a number of important responsibilities – not the least of which includes presenting a clean, organized workspace for the benefit of your employees. Unfortunately, you can’t do it alone. As a result, most businesses choose to hire a commercial cleaning company to perform this vital task.

However, choosing the right commercial cleaning company for you can be a task in itself. You’ll need a company that not only does an excellent job but protects your business and saves you money in the process. To help, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions you should ask during the interview process:

  1. Do you have experiences with businesses like mine? If you’re in a unique industry with particular requirements surrounding equipment, workspaces, and more, ensure your cleaning company has a history of working with similar businesses. This simple question can eliminate potential issues in the future.
  2. What rate should I expect? After receiving adequate information about your building, your unique requirements, and your ideal schedule, your potential cleaning company should be able to supply you with a rate for their services. Be sure you gain a full understanding of frequency, a list of services, the length of time expected for each session, and the number of technicians that will be present – a cheaper price isn’t always your best value.
  3. Is there a contract? Depending on whether you prefer the security of a contract or the flexibility of scheduling the lack of a contract can provide, you may wish to find a cleaning service that offers both options. If there is a contract, ensure it includes all the services you want, as well as the ideal price.
  4. How can I pay? Will you need to pay in person for your cleaning services each session? Can you pay online? By mail? How often?
  5. Are you insured? Any potential cleaning company should carry the proper insurance required by the state. In general, this includes workers compensation, general liability insurance, automobile coverage, and umbrella insurance.
  6. Are your workers screened and trained? Any reputable cleaning service will screen each potential employee and conduct a background check. In addition, inquire as to whether the company has a training program to ensure consistent cleaning techniques across the staff.
  7. What happens if I’m not satisfied? Even the best professional services have an off day. In the event that you’re not satisfied with your cleaning services, what steps can you take to communicate the issue? What steps will the cleaning service take to rectify the problem?

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