Cleaning Your Office Computer Keyboards

keyboard cleaningKeyboards are probably the most used component of your computer considering the number of keys there are and how often you press at them at work. That being said, an unsanitary keyboard can harbor germs and bacteria which can then transfer to your finger tips, which you use to scratch your head if the boss’ email is unclear, or rub your eyes when it tires from staring at the monitor for hours. For this reason, it is important that you clean your office computer keyboard every once in a while, or more often if possible. Even though wiping them with clean wipes is a good option, it does not completely clean your keyboard. For a more comprehensive way of doing so, here are the steps to take.
First, turn the keyboard upside down and shake it until the dirt and debris fall down from between the keys. Continue doing so until you no longer see anything falling. For good measure, get a brush and brush in between the keys to remove the dust.

Next, get a flathead screwdriver and pry the letters and all other keys off. Most desktop keyboards have keys which be easily removed, although you should be careful in doing so because if you damage the keys, you may not be able properly put them back in.

After all the keys have been removed, you need to wash them by soaking them in a pan of dishwashing liquid and water solution to loosen the dirt and then wiping them clean one by one. After all the keys have been cleaned, rinse them off and dry them completely – you don’t want to put a moist key back onto your keyboard.
While waiting for the keys to dry, you should start cleaning the trenches of the computer keyboard. You can do this using several moist (not wet) cotton buds. Go over the trenches, the outside of the craters where the keys go, and every other area where there is visible dirt.

Once the trenches are cleaned and the keys are dried, you can start putting the keys back on to the keyboard. As a finishing touch, you may want to run a cotton ball moistened with alcohol – just to make sure that no germ or bacteria is present.

Cleaning your computer keyboard is important for sanitary reasons, and although the process may take a while to complete, the benefits that you get will more than make up for the time it took to do.

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