Commonly Overlooked Places That Need Cleaning

Many people have become very aware of the surface spread of germs in the last couple of years, and workplaces and employees alike have been working to keep a sanitized and healthy space. However, there are still places that you’re likely to miss, even if you’ve been tirelessly wiping down your desk space.

Light Switches

Often handled, and often forgotten, light switches need to be kept clean. Other similar switches or buttons that need care include elevator buttons, equipment switches, water fountain buttons, landline phone buttons, and vending machine keys.


The past two years have keyed most people into the germ-spread hazard that is door handles, but some handles in your workplace could still be overlooked. This could include handrails, basket handles, and handles in a break area such as those on coffee pots, fridges, and microwaves.


If nothing is spilled on chairs or other fabric seats, it can be hard to find a reason to need them cleaned. But there is certainly residue build-up of oil and bacteria in these places, and despite the difficulty in cleaning fabric furniture and other upholstery, it’s very necessary to prevent germ spread.

Desk Space

Yes, you wipe down your desk every day. Does that include your keyboard, computer, and mouse? The phone at your desk? If there are dust and crumbs in the cracks and crevices of these things, then there are also contaminants invisible to the eye.

Break Rooms

While items in the break room have already been mentioned, the room as a whole is a very important part of a good cleaning routine. As a place for company congregations, it’s also a likely congregation of germs, so sinks and appliances in the area must be cleaned.

Even if the coronavirus has a lower surface-contact spread than initially thought, there are still plenty of health concerns tied to not keeping a workplace clean or sanitized. For professional and expert cleaning of your office or place of work, contact Vista Building Services.

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