How Dirty Is the Average Desk?

Office employees spend 30 to 40 hours a week sitting at their desks. Desks are where they work, eat, drink, and engage in personal grooming. From food crumbs and greasy keyboards to germs living in telephone receivers, the average desk is a hotbed for bacteria. Daily office cleaning services can combat this common problem and keep your building free and clear from germs. You could eliminate bacteria that could potentially take a toll on the health and safety of your employees.


The Facts About Desk Germs

Studies about bacteria forming on the average work desk reveal shocking facts about the types – and amounts – of germs that desktops, keyboards, and equipment can harbor. One study found that a desk can harbor 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Rarely cleaning the office desk contributes to the buildup of dangerous bacteria. Bacteria can come from food, workers not washing their hands after using the bathroom, skin particles, dander, and saliva. The desk can be a central point for germs to contaminate in the office.


Office Bacteria and Productivity

Working in an environment that’s riddled with bacteria can ultimately affect the health of workers. Unsanitary desk areas can increase the risk of passing colds, the flu, foodborne illnesses, and other health problems from employee to employee. While practices such as hand washing and eating only in certain areas can decreases the risk of an office-wide outbreak, the best way to combat sick days is with daily office cleaning. Hiring a professional can save you money in employee productivity costs.


Getting Rid of Harmful Desk Germs

A professional commercial cleaning service will have the tools and supplies to get rid of common officer germs and sources of bacteria. High-quality cleaners can help control the workplace environment, preventing illnesses and keeping employees safe and healthy. Scheduling regular services can help you stay on top of bacteria buildups from daily work, and stop germs in their tracks. Vista Building Services has just what you need to tackle desk germs in Southern Oregon.







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