Easy Tips For Superb Floor Care

32407520_sRegardless of what kind of material your floor is made from, it is an investment and one that you want to protect. Your flooring can make your home feel cozy and can dramatically influence the ambiance and feel of each room.

Here are some tips for keeping your flooring clean and cared for:

Hardwood and Laminate. Your hardwood or laminate flooring is sturdy and durable, however, special care should be taken to maintain these materials. Never use any kind of cleaner on your hardwood or laminate flooring that requires you to introduce water to the flooring. Even if the floor is sealed, the water be absorbed through the surface of the floor and down to the sub-floor causing mold and mildew to begin to grow. For maintenance cleaning, use a dry mop or a vacuum to ‘dust’ your floor. If this is all that you do your floor will eventually look dull and dingy, however, several times per week a good dry mopping is the perfect maintenance measure. In addition to dry mopping, you can periodically clean your hardwood or laminate with a no-rinse cleaner that is made for these flooring materials. These cleaners are ideal for these flooring materials because they do not require that you wash them away with any water or other product and, they add shine and luster to your flooring.

Vinyl. Vinyl is a popular choice for many homes because of its durability and the fact that it comes in many styles and colors. Keeping your vinyl flooring regularly cleaned will help to extend the life and will reduce the frequency for heavy duty cleaning. For vinyl flooring there are a variety of cleaner choices on the market. You should feel free to purchase and use any kind of floor cleaner that states it is safe for vinyl flooring. You should sweep your vinyl flooring daily to remove any food particles before they stick to the floor. This will also ensure that there aren’t any large particles of dirt or food that might scrape or gouge your vinyl flooring. On a weekly basis it is important to use a vinyl floor cleaner and mop your floor clean.

Keeping the floor in your home maintained and clean is an important part of maintaining the overall health and wellness of you and your family. Whether you have hardwood floor made from reclaimed wood or, you have vinyl flooring follow these tips to keep it clean.

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