Everything You Should Consider Before Planning Your Commercial Landscaping Project

As the temperatures begin heating up in Southern Oregon, many building and facility owners may be thinking about tending to their property’s exteriors while the weather is nice. With all that is involved in planning a commercial landscaping project, it can be easy for the details to overwhelm you to the point where you forget about fundamental aspects of your property that you need to consider before starting your project.


Prior to beginning your upcoming commercial landscaping initiative this summer, you should consider these factors when planning your property’s landscaping needs:


Landscape Square Footage


Your commercial landscape’s square footage is a primary part of planning your budget and landscaping needs. Knowing your property’s square footage can help you set a clearly defined budget, organize a design plan to cultivate a unique look, and allow you to identify how much assistance you will need to implement your project accordingly.


If your landscape design idea and square footage necessitates a larger budget, think about adding walkways, benches, and foundations that may not need as much yearly maintenance as greenery does.


Landscaping and Property Balance


After you identify the scope of the space you have to work with and have developed an idea of how you want your commercial landscape to look, you will need to think about how your landscaping design will interact with other elements of your property, such as parking lots and nearby sidewalk spaces. Trees can enhance the appearance of a landscape, but you don’t want to risk causing damage to nearby cars, electricity poles, sidewalks, or the foundation of your building with their roots and limbs.


Soil and Exposure


Different parts of your commercial landscape might have different soil types and weather conditions. For example, one area of grass might get more sun than the rest of your landscape, while another area might see more wind. Begin with testing the areas of your property for soil types to help you identify what type of grasses or plants will grow prosperously on each area of your property. This can assist you in cultivating a flawlessly green landscape for your commercial property this summer.

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