Fall Cleaning For Your Business

Fall cleaning is a deep clean, or a seasonal clean that makes sure everything at your business location has a high-quality cleaning.  A deep clean includes things that aren’t cleaned daily, such as having the carpets cleaned.  If you need help tackling your fall cleaning list and your business is in the Southern Oregon area, consider calling us for our cleaning and janitorial services.

Fall Cleaning for Your Commercial Building

  1. Have everything in your building dusted and washed. A thorough dusting of a commercial building includes ceiling fans, light fixtures, checking high ceilings for dust and cobwebs.  Also, check the edges of the windows, including the top, to make sure everything is clean.
  2. If there are plants in your building that are artificial, these need cleaning as well. Artificial plants can quickly accumulate dust and make a building look old and unprofessional.  If you do have them in your commercial location or offices, consider cleaning them regularly, so they lend to the environment instead of taking away from the professional atmosphere.
  3. Get the bathrooms cleaned and sanitized. Don’t forget to check ledges and under sinks.  A deep clean in your bathrooms will help keep them fresh and sanitizing them will help get rid of bacteria that can leave the bathrooms with an unpleasant odor.
  4. The carpets and upholstery need professional cleaning.  Having carpets and upholstered furniture professionally cleaned can help everything stay bright and look fresh.
  5. Get your air ducts inspected for mold and dust that can recirculate in your business.
  6. Make sure the gutters are cleaned and ready for fall and winter! Remove any debris, leaves, and grime that has accumulated in your drainage system.
  7. Have the concrete in front of your business and along your sidewalks pressure washed, so they look fresh and clean going into the colder months.
  8. Have all the bushes, plants, and trees inspected for trash and debris that needs to be removed. Collecting trash sometimes requires a ladder when there is trash blown into tree branches.
  9. See that the parking lot gets cleaned to make sure that there isn’t any debris or trash in the lot.

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