Fight Allergies With a Clean Building

How a Clean Office Can Prevent Allergies

Allergies affect many Americans. They can make us miserable and reduce productivity. Keeping a clean place of business is important for keeping allergies under control, as well as minimizing all kinds of illnesses and ailments.

Keep your employees happy and healthy by regularly cleaning your workplace. Follow these suggestions for best results:

  • Dust regularly. Dust mites are the most common trigger of asthma and allergies. Make sure you dust at least once a week. However, your dust cloth should be damp to attract the dust. If it’s dry, it is just going to scatter the dust into the air and make it worse.
  • Use a HEPA filter. You should vacuum at least once a week and preferably twice per week. Use a HEPA filter when you do to catch the small particles so they won’t spread in the air. Most allergens are small and a regular vacuum cleaner won’t trap them.
  • Use allergen proof covers for your furniture. Provide allergen-proof covers for your office furniture. Be sure to wash them regularly.
  • Control the humidity. Mold and mildew thrive in moisture. To prevent mold outbreaks, maintain the humidity at around 40%. Air conditioning will usually do this on its own, but you can use humidifiers and dehumidifiers as necessary.
  • Reduce clutter. Clutter attracts dust. Whether it’s clothes or boxes. Keep your office space tidy by putting boxes where they belong or throwing them out when necessary. A tidy office makes cleaning a lot easier.

It’s always best to use a mask when you are cleaning to keep your airways free of contaminants. With these tips, you can keep your allergies under control at your office or building. Your employees will appreciate it, and so will any customers who stop by. Remember that for the deepest cleans, it is best to call the professionals.



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