Four Tips for Prepping Your Commercial Property for Warm Weather

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Commercial property owners should use this time for cleaning and building maintenance. Consider spring the perfect time to improve the appearance of your property and develop a schedule for its upkeep. Here is a list of essential tasks to complete before summer.


Fix Up Your Exterior

The exterior of your property can have a big influence on how people view your business, especially when they are seeing or entering your property for the first time. Spring is the perfect time to make your building’s exterior more appealing. In addition to making plans for routine mowing and maintenance, there are a few other landscaping procedures you might want to schedule for the spring, including:

  • Weeding and applying herbicide, if necessary
  • Trimming bushes
  • Planting new trees or flowers


Clean Windows

Winter weather of any kind can cause the accumulation of dirt on the outside of windows. Property owners often are unaware of how much natural light they are losing out on because of the layer of dirt sitting on the outside of their windows. Cleaning both the interiors and exteriors of your building’s windows will permit more natural light to flow into your space. This can make your building and its environs look fresh and new.


Clean Carpets

If your building has carpets, it is important to recognize the extent of the damage winter weather can have on these areas of your property. Excess debris, moisture, salt and snow tracked into your building can severely damage your carpets’ appearance and may even result in permanent damage. Getting your building’s carpeted areas deep cleaned this spring can help undo the winter’s damage and help prolong the carpet’s life.


Prepare Your Building’s AC

As you make the transition from heating to cooling in your building, it is a great idea to make sure your unit is operating as it should. Ensure your unit will be working when you need it by turning it on and allowing it to run for several minutes. You might also want to consider having a professional examine your units for any issues with aging equipment so you can have the necessary repairs done before summer arrives.


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