Where the Germs Are: Places in Your Office Where Germs are Rampant

germsConsidering the number of people working in your office and all those things and equipments in it, it is but natural that germs and bacteria thrive there. Germs and bacteria are not born out of thin air, but they are carried by people who enter the office, and sometimes air-borne or coming from the open windows and doors. Although it is quite safe to say that your whole office may be infested by these, there are some areas where you are most likely to find them in hordes like the following.

In the Bathroom
Bathrooms are probably the number one place where germs thrive, considering the number of people who use it and how often they use it and of course the things that they do in there (and if you’re sharing the bathroom with other offices in the building, well, that just makes it worse). And it’s not just the toilet bowl or urinal you have to worry about – there’s the faucet and the door handles, too (you can’t be too sure about where those hands have been).

In the Lobby
Another place where you find most people with a lot of open windows and doors is the lobby, which makes it another one of the most germ infested places in your office or the whole building. If you thought that there were too many germs carriers in your office, imagine how many there can be in the lobby. Germs in this place thrive on a variety of places, like in the information desk where lots of people lean on every time they ask a question, the door handles, and even the telephone (especially if its publicly used).

In Your Office Desk
Now, if you thought that avoiding the bathroom and the lobby is enough to keep those germs at bay, then you’d be wrong because those germs are actually closer than you may think. Where exactly? Right there on your office desk. They can be on the folder the sick intern just handed you, on the coffee cup you took from the water dispenser, on your computer keyboard where your sandwich crumbs have fallen.

Germs are everywhere, and in order to protect yourself from them, always be sure to wash your hands and disinfect every time. It also wouldn’t hurt to do some regular cleaning every once in a while.

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