How a Dirty Building Can Give You a Bad Rating with Customers

We are sure that the last thing you want to think about is a customer that didn’t like the flooring in your building giving your business a bad review that gets tons of attention.

While it isn’t always fun for a business, word-of-mouth is back and huge compared to what it used to be decades ago.  Now, millions of people can know something about your business in mere seconds.  This is a scary but very true thought.  While this can be a great way to increase business, it is also a great way to destroy a business.

This gives business owners much more stress because they need to make sure a client has a great experience from the time they find them online until the time they leave the building and get in their vehicle.  Everything matters!  Each customer can make a statement online that has to do with anything about your business in a negative or positive way.  If there is just one mention of your dirty business, nothing could happen, but at any time anything could follow the one review.  Staying on top of your reviews will help you consider the little things that you can be too busy to think of if you are a small business owner!

While everything has a large amount of priority, there are some things that are overlooked until someone makes a statement online.  Cleanliness is one of those minor things that can become a major problem for a company if it is mentioned.  The last thing you need is a bad rating because you have dirty floors in your lobby or a bathroom that isn’t sanitary enough.  Windows with fingerprints shouldn’t make people stay away for good, but all of this is a reality on the internet.

If you have a hard time keeping up with the cleaning in your office, retail location, or street-front boutique, don’t let your dirty building ruin your online rating for good.  Respect your online presence and increase your local praise by hiring Vista Building Services in Southern Oregon to keep all of those negative reviews about how clean you keep your business away!

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