How to Fight Allergens in Your Commercial Building This Spring

Business owners should do everything they can to ensure workplaces are as comfortable and inviting to employees as possible. When employees dread coming to work, they are not only less productive, but may also be secretly searching for other jobs with more agreeable working conditions. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, and the springtime can be the worst time of year for some of your employees. Vista Building Services wants business owners to know what they can do to fight allergens in their commercial buildings.

Invest in Regular Deep Cleanings

Conventional cleaning methods can prevent the spread of illness in the workplace but getting allergens out of your building and keeping them out may require a more extensive treatment. Regular professional deep cleanings help reduce the allergen levels inside a building. Vacuuming may remove some embedded allergies from carpeted floors, but foot traffic will inevitably drive allergens down into the roots of the carpet fibers where only professional cleaning tools will reach.

Consider Better Air Filtration

One of the best ways to fight allergens in the workplace is with robust air filtration systems. Consider having an HVAC team inspect your current ventilation system and identify places that could be accumulating allergens from outside. It’s also possible to purchase and install small area air filters that can extract allergens from the air in confined spaces, which can be a great benefit if you have employees working in close quarters who may track in allergens from outside and disrupt their coworkers unintentionally.

Hire Professional Cleaners for Deep Surface Cleaning

While carpeted areas tend to accumulate the highest concentrations of allergens, dust mites and other aggravating particles can accumulate on virtually every surface in the workplace. A professional deep cleaning service can help to keep these problems under control and prevent dust from accumulating and making your workplace unbearable for employees with allergies.

Vista Building Services specializes in deep cleaning for commercial buildings. We strive to ensure our customers’ buildings are as clean as possible to promote productivity. Contact us today if you want a professional examination of your building in southern Oregon so we can determine the best ways to fight allergens in your workplace.

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