How to Make a Commercial Building More Inviting

Commercial buildings may not feel as welcoming as a home. They are architecturally built and
engineered for efficiency. At the heart of commercial building are costs of building, low cost of
energy, and maximizing space. However, that doesn’t mean that your commercial building or
workspace has to feel drab! Here are a few practical tips to make your space feel more like a
home away from home.

Keep It Clean

It may seem obvious, but hiring quality janitorial services go a long way to making an office
welcoming. Clean bathrooms matter. The smell of the air when a customer walks in the front
door matters. Don’t skimp on janitorial services. It can make or break the customer experience
and significantly influence a first impression.

Change the Mood With Lighting

Nothing screams “work day” quite like florescent lights. They make everyone and everything
look less attractive, warm, or welcoming. It’s commonly thought that LED and fluorescents are
used to save energy and the ugly, cool light is a necessary outcome. However, plenty of energy
efficient bulbs put out warm, soft light. Consider making the swap to change the office dynamic
with the flip of a switch! Don’t opt for something too dim, though!

Custom Images

Amplify the walls while boosting morale with company images. Have pictures of the team,
products, or mission cultivated in an attractive way on glass or canvas. Hang the finish products
around the entrance of the office to set a great tone right off the bat. An accent wall is also an
excellent way to break up the monotony of a lobby, break room, or conference room in a snap!


We’ve covered the indoor first impression, but what about the outdoor? If the inside of your
commercial property looks great, be sure the landscaping is up to par, as well. Trimming hedges,
beautifying grass, and adding seasonal flowers goes a long way!

If you need help with your building maintenance needs, contact Vista Building Services. We
provide janitorial services, eco-friendly cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, landscaping
and more to the areas of Southern Oregon. Let us beautify your commercial property today.

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