Janitorial Cleaning Equipment: The Essential Buyers Guide to Commercial Cleaning Equipment

If you are planning to put up your own janitorial or commercial cleaning services company, or would simply like to purchase cleaning equipment to be used by your in-house cleaners, then it is a good idea to start learning about different janitorial cleaning equipment to ensure that you are making an informed decision every time you make a purchase.

janitorial-suppliesOne of the first things you need to understand is that commercial cleaning products and equipment are different from those that you use in cleaning your home. The equipment are often bigger, and cleaning agents are often a lot stronger in composition. For instance, two gallons of regular household bleach will not be able to thoroughly clean a high traffic lavatory in a commercial building, but one gallon of concentrated commercial or industrial bleach can.

The same is true when choosing between a regular vacuum and a commercial vacuum, where the later is obviously more powerful than the former. Before making any purchase, be sure to read the labels properly and call the manufacturer if you want to clarify something. This can be difficult if you are buying online, but there are product descriptions which should accurately describe what the product is for and how to use it properly.

You also need to be able to know what specific items you will need. Cleaning products come in a wide variety, and more often than not you actually don’t need all of them to get the cleaning done, although it also helps to have some special extras, especially in cases when you weren’t expecting to need them.

A common question that bugs many buyers, whether they are shopping for janitorial cleaning equipment or this week’s groceries, is whether they should buy wholesale or as the need arises. We can’t say much about groceries, but it is often better to buy wholesale where janitorial cleaning chemicals are concerned, Buying wholesale allows you to avail of discounts, and since they will be used commercially, expect them to be used in large quantities and that they will run out faster than you think.

If you’re still having trouble making the right purchasing decisions with regards to janitorial cleaning equipment and materials, you can always head to a local janitorial supply store and ask them for help, or you can check online stores who distribute such products and chat with their representatives. Either way, you will surely get more useful information there than you would from simply reading labels and brochures.

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