Maintaining a Clean Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean after a professional cleaning can be difficult, especially in an office space where many feet may pass over the carpet each day. However, there are small things you can practice daily to keep your carpet looking cleaner for longer.

Don’t Disregard Spills

Spills can happen at any moment, and sometimes they happen during the busiest points of the day. Although the last thing you may want to do is clean up a spill, taking care of them when they occur is essential in preventing stains from arising. 

One tip when cleaning up spills is to practice the blotting method. Contrary to popular belief, rubbing allows liquids to absorb further into the carpet fibers, whereas blotting will soak up the spill. 

A clean towel or some paper towels work best when cleaning up spills. You can also use club soda to remove many stains — the club soda’s carbonation helps lift the stain from the carpet fibers, preventing it from settling in. 

Have People Wipe Off Their Shoes

During the winter, spring, and other seasons with adverse weather, it becomes trickier for people to keep their shoes clean. Snow and mud can quickly make your carpets dirty despite your best efforts. While it’s not always practical to have people remove their shoes in an office setting, you can provide places for employees and guests to wipe off their shoes so that your floors and carpets stay cleaner.  

Don’t Forget to Vacuum

Vacuuming should be a regular chore and not occur only when dirt and debris become noticeable. Vacuuming even when your carpet doesn’t look dirty keeps it cleaner for longer. 

Carpet Cleaning Specialists

A clean carpet can tie a space together, and it can also help individuals with allergies and can prevent sickness. If you need a professional carpet cleaning team, contact us at Vista Building Services today!

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