Protect Your Flooring From Winter Damage With These Tips

32143162_sIf you are planning on having an office holiday party in the coming weeks, you might be concerned with making sure that the carpet and flooring are protected.

Getting moisture in your carpet can be very damaging. Not only does the dampness effect the carpet fibers but, it can sink down and into the carpet padding that is underneath your carpet.

While spills are very difficult to prevent, one thing you can prevent is rain and mud from getting into the carpet this wet weather season.

Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to limit the amount of dirt and mud that make their way into your carpet:

Take your shoes off. The number one way to avoid mud and water from getting into your carpet fibers is to take your shoes off when you come into the house. This will concentrate the mud and moisture to one area of your home, preferably one where the flooring is linoleum or another hard surface.

When your pets come inside, make sure to wipe their paws before they are allowed to walk on the carpet. Their paws are just as dirty as the bottoms of your shoes and they carry a lot of moisture in their fur.

Doormats. Having door mats and carpet squares on the floor in front of the entrances to your home is a great way to keep the mud and dirt in one area. You can wipe the bottom of your shoes off on these mats and then wash the mats regularly. This will keep the mud, rain, and dirt in the doormats rather than in your carpet.

Professional cleaning. Have your carpets professionally cleaned each season to make sure that any dirt or mud that has made it into your carpet fibers is thoroughly removed. This will ensure the life of your carpet and reduce the contaminants in your home.

The fall season is a fun time to be outdoors doing last minute yard work or, just enjoying the changing landscape. Make sure that the landscape stays outside and not in your carpet by following these tips.

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