Reasons for Regular Carpet Cleaning During the Winter

If you have a business in the Southern Oregon area, you may want to consider winter carpet cleaning services regularly. Having your carpets cleaned on a schedule this winter can keep your business clean and lessen the stress you’ll have if you must keep contending with hallways that have mud and stains on them from the winter sludge.

  1. Regular carpet cleaning services will protect your carpet from stains that set in for weeks or months. If your carpets look bad or have severe stains, call us to come in for a special visit to get the stains removed.
  2. Regular carpet cleaning in the winter can help control allergies for people who work in the building or frequent it regularly.
  3. If you maintain your carpets well during the winter months, then you may not have to replace them as often!
  4. Regular winter carpet cleaning will also keep the salt and the residue from the salt off your carpets.
  5. The drying time for carpet is less in the winter because cold air absorbs more moisture as it warms up.
  6. It is easier to schedule carpet cleanings during the winter months because it tends to be something businesses forgo until spring.
  7. If you hire out your carpet cleaning to professionals, you won’t have to purchase or maintain equipment. You also won’t have to have your staff clean the carpets.
  8. Your entryway will look great, while others will look dirty and drab. Many people will notice how clean your carpets are compared to other businesses in the area.  People seeing the cleanliness of your business will not only give you an excellent reputation, but a client may note the cleanliness of your business online and help you drum up more business!

If you want a quote for regular carpet cleaning during the winter months, contact Vista Building Services for all your janitorial and carpet cleaning needs!


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