“We have a lot of traffic, Vista Building Services does a wonderful job of keeping our offices looking great. They are reliable, friendly and respond quickly when needed.”

Rich Bodager – Executive Director/CEO
Southern Oregon Cardiology, LLC

Randy and Jill Koch are superior business owners. They provide excellent service for our club and are always available via email or phone call. Jill and Randy provide professional, punctual, and visible results, attributes in which I am trulely grateful, and proud to have them take care of our needs at the Rogue Valley Country Club.

Carla Willis – Manager
Rogue Valley Country Club

Good Afternoon Jill—I hope all is well!
Banner Bank Facilities has completed our annual review of vendors and contractors. I have been asked to share the 2020 final annual review for Vista Building Services. Please feel free to look it over and let me know if there is anything that you have questions on. With 2020 being such an odd year, the areas of focus were limited but the review reflects an overall satisfactory scale of working with your business.
We’d like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to you and your team on behalf of all of our locations. Thank you for providing us with such great customer care and ease of mind throughout this difficult and trivial year, we look forward to many more years of working with you!
Happy New Year to you and your families!
Thank you

Annual Office Admin Service Provider Evaluation  Service Provider: Vista  Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 CRITERIA CHECKLIST 1=Poor, 2=Good, 3=Excellent

1. Customer Service Score BASIS FOR SCORE Timeliness of Pricing  3

Vendor is very prompt Completeness of Vendor Response 3

Vendor is always very attentive to BB needs Overall Quality & Level of Professionalism 3

Vendor is very professional Overall Response 3

I have good experience with working with vendor 3

Average Score 3  

2. Landport  Score BASIS FOR SCORE Responsiveness to Landport Tickets 3

Vendor is very responsive in Landport Clear and Concise Communication thru Landport 3

Vendor has good communication Resolution Promptness 3

Vendor is always very quick to prompt in resolutions 3

Average Score 3

3. Quality of Service Score BASIS FOR SCORE Complaints  – Zero=3, less than 12=2, More than 12=1

Vendor is very attentive to BB needs and I have good experience  Responsiveness to Complaints 3

Vendor is very responsive to issues Resolution Promptness 3

Vendor resolves issues in timely manners, very effective 3

Average Score 3          

CRITERIA SCORES Score NOTES 1. Customer Service 3.00   2. Landport  3.00   3. Quality of Service 3.00   Total Score 3.00