The Benefits of Investing in a Clean Workplace, By the Numbers

We can all agree a clean, tidy space is vastly preferable to a dirty or cluttered one, and this is especially true for work environments. When you look at the numbers, it is absolutely shocking just how much of a difference it makes for companies to invest in regular professional cleaning. World-wide cleaning industry trade association ISSA has gathered data from numerous sources, proving that a clean work environment provides a number of benefits to employees and customers, as well as significantly improving the bottom line.

Healthier Employees

Companies who invest in the cleanliness of their space have consistently healthier employees from preventing the spread of germs and disease. A study in 2014 found that a virus sample planted on office doorknobs and tabletops spread among up to 60% of workers and visitors within a mere 2-4 hours. A clean workplace, in contrast, reveals a 62% reduction in surfaces contaminated with viruses.

Clean spaces demonstrate an 80% reduction in the probability of catching the common cold and flu, the symptoms of which result in an overall performance loss of 3-8%. Even something as seemingly harmless as dust exposure affects the cognitive skills of workers by 2-6%, reducing reasoning ability, memory retainment, and creative thinking skills.

Increased Productivity

When employees get sick, this results in unplanned absences, which cause clear problems in the workplace, reducing productivity/output by 54% and customer service/sales by 39%. Estimating 7.7 sick days per employee every year costs a whopping $225.8 billion per year! A clean environment reduces absenteeism by 46% and results in a productivity gain of 2-8%. Applying that figure to an office of 100 associates earning an average salary of $25,000 equals $125,000 in savings.

Boosted Morale

A clean work environment reduces stress and anxiety, allowing workers to feel more focused, organized, and motivated. When offices are free of clutter, employees notice this and feel appreciated, boosting morale and improving workplace culture. In a clean office, they are more inclined to keep their desks orderly, which increases efficiency. Within companies that value cleanliness, employees are less distracted, show higher workplace satisfaction, and produce higher quality work.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Just as employees benefit from clean spaces, so do customers. Healthy, grateful employees provide a better face to the company and result in more positive interactions with customers and more successful sales. Furthermore, study after study has proven that customers rate cleanliness as the most important factor when choosing where to spend money in the food and retail industries.

A store is not just a place to hold merchandise but a visual representation of what matters to a company. 60% of people are encouraged to buy more when the environment is clean and comfortable, while 94% of people state that dirty restrooms make them avoid going into a business in the future.

Generate More Revenue

Clearly, employers benefit from healthier employees with boosted morale and increased productivity. This not only creates a more professional, efficient, and rewarding workplace culture, but it translates into happier customers. Happier customers spend more money, generating more revenue for your business.

Improve Your Business Today

Cleanliness is not a matter of personal preference but an incredibly important component in cultivating and maintaining the right environment for your business. If you’re ready to elevate your company, contact us today to invest in professional cleaning services with our qualified experts.

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