The Value of a Customized Cleaning Experience During a Pandemic

In the midst of a pandemic, keeping your business clean is absolutely essential for the safety and peace of mind of employees, partners, and customers. At Vista Building Services, we are knowledgeable of the most appropriate cleaning products, techniques, protocols necessary to ensure everyone remains healthy. However, there are additional challenges businesses face during the COVID-19 pandemic beyond the simple need for high-quality professional cleaning.

One of the biggest obstacles of operating a business this past year was the uncertainty. Over the past year, Oregon businesses have seen a number of restrictions implemented dictating whether or not they were able to remain physically open, and if so, in what capacity. This has led a lot of businesses to develop unique plans of operation to ensure they can continue to serve the people of Oregon whilst remaining in compliance with state COVID regulations.

As businesses adapt to their new schedules and capacities, so must other services adapt. In the case of Vista Building Services, we are prepared to handle such situations with ease because of our highly customized programs. When dealing with a new client, we work with them to find the best plan for their individual needs and budget. No matter what schedule you’ve implemented or what budget you have, we can come up with a suitable cleaning solution for your business. That means that regardless of whether you have rotating staff that necessitates day cleaning services or have the team mostly working from home, only requiring the office to be professionally cleaned once a month, we can come up with the perfect plan of action for your building.

We recognize that business owners are becoming highly adaptable to the ever-changing circumstances, but when it comes to cleaning, we already are. That’s the advantage of hiring a professional team like Vista Building Services. With us, you’re guaranteed to receive superior services at affordable rates on your schedule, making cleaning one less thing to worry about. To get in touch with our team so we can start creating your customized cleaning program, simply contact us via our website or give us a call at 541-773-8228.

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