Why Your Business Needs a Deep Summer Cleaning

While most people are familiar with the term ‘spring cleaning,’ not nearly as many are familiar with the phrase ‘summer cleaning.’ A deep summer cleaning for your business is just as crucial as a spring cleaning, if not more.

From the intense heat, to increased accumulation of mud, dust, and germs in the building, there are a multitude of reasons that your business could benefit from a deep cleaning by a professional commercial cleaning company. Here are three reasons your business could use a deep summer cleaning.

1. Summer Has Its Own Kind of Mess

The summer months come with their own kind of messes, from problems caused by heat to dirt and mud being dragged inside. Things like mud and muck can get trapped all throughout your building and can often add to dust accumulation, too. Here in Oregon, we know how much it can rain and how messy it can get. Don’t let the dirt build up.

2. Increased Traffic / Contact / Germs

Warm weather brings people out of their houses a lot more, often increasing foot traffic in many businesses. With more people often comes more mess that is tracked inside, as well as less time that you now have to clean it. Let a professional cleaning company that knows how to handle both messes and germs help your business stay impeccably clean.

3. Helps Reduce Sick Days

With increased heat and customers in your building, there tends to be a larger accumulation of dust, germs, and mud. By having professionals clean your business, you can not only help yourself, but your employees, too. Keeping your building clean helps reduce sick days by combating the problems of germs, dust, and allergens.

Ultimately, giving your business a deep summer cleaning can help in a multitude of ways. If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional cleaning for your business or commercial residence in Southern Oregon, then Vista Building Services are perfect for you. Contact us today to learn more or to get a consultation on your building.

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