Winter Is Rodent Season – Is Your Building Protected?

11012281_sFor some people the thought of mice making a nest somewhere under their building or inside of the walls is terrifying. They are the first ones to call an exterminator and get the infestation taken care of.

But, for other people, mice seem like they are relatively benign and nothing to worry about. After all, mice play starring roles in many animated movies, so how bad could they really be right?

In fact, mice are very dangerous. Not because they will attack or go out of their way to come in contact with humans. But, because they carry and spread disease.

Here are just a few reasons to be proactive if you see signs of mice in or under your building:

  • Leptospirosis. This disease is carried in the urine of mice and is deposited as they are scurrying around the floorboards of your home. Mice are only active at night and their urine is often colorless so you probably won’t even notice it.
  • Rickets. Of all of the diseases that mice carry that are harmful to humans, this is the most unlikely to contract. This is because ricketts must be transmitted through the bite of a mouse and they go out of their way to avoid humans. However, he longer you let an infestation go, the more mice you will have, and thus the more likely it is for you to cross paths with one.
  • Salmonellosis. This is a bacterial infection that affects food. But, mice carry this bacteria in their feces and will deposit it anywhere they poop. But, don’t be fooled, just because there is no mice poop in your kitchen doesn’t mean they haven’t been there and transmitted bacteria. Mice are not the most hygienic species and they will walk through their own feces. Then, as they are crawling around the floorboards of your home, they transfer the bacteria from their feet to your floor.

Even if you don’t see an actual mouse in your building, that doesn’t mean that they are not crawling around while you are away. Any sign of a mouse should be taken seriously and addressed by a professional pest control technician.

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