Your Guide to Fall Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Commercial Building

Chilly fall weather is right around the corner for residents in Southern Oregon. Now is the ideal time to tackle some of the office maintenance tasks that may have ended up on the back burner in the summer. Giving your office space or commercial building a comprehensive cleaning is a great way to prepare for flu season when the cold weather sets in. Here are some quick fall maintenance tips to help you get started this season.


Dust Your Heater Vents


Dusting and cleaning your heater vents in your office or commercial building before you begin using your unit should be a priority this fall. You should also be sure to replace the cartridges as needed to ensure optimal air quality.


Check Handrails


If you have handrails outside or inside your commercial property, make a point to check that they are stable. Since they will be used more during the rainy periods, it’s vital to make sure they can deal with the additional strain.


Store Outdoor Furniture


If you have outdoor furniture in the front or back of your office or commercial building, store it in advance to prevent it from being damaged as the weather changes.


Check Detector Batteries


Inspect and replace the batteries for your building’s carbon monoxide detectors. Making sure these detectors are working properly is vital regardless of the season, but it’s particularly important during the colder months when you will have your windows closed and the heat running on a regular basis.


Make a Plan for Flu Season


Speak with your office or building staff about how to ensure your environment stays healthy during flu season. Establish a routine to restock important products such as cleaning materials, hand sanitizer, soap, and tissues.


Clean the Floors


Making a point to clean the carpets and floors in every area of your office or commercial building this fall will give these spaces a fresh look.


Sanitize Bathrooms


Deep-clean your office bathrooms to remove germs and stains that have built up during the summer. Aim to do this on a monthly basis to reduce the transfer of germs within your spaces.

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