Causes For Grimy Windows

27776025_sSummer time is not just a great time of year to give yourself some TLC, it is also a great time of year to spruce up areas around your home that might have been neglected during the fall and winter. For instance, the windows on the outside of your home can always use a good cleaning after a rough spring season with the rains and storms.

Several things can cause the outside of your windows to be grimy:

Location. If your building is situated near a busy road or highway your windows will get dirty from the dust kicked up by the cars. Also, if there is construction happening near your building you will notice the windows that face the construction zone being dirtier than the others.

Landscaping. If there are a lot of trees or shrubs outside of your building you will probably notice your windows getting dirtier faster. This is because of tree sap, birds, critters, and insects being attracted to trees. It is a good idea to create a barrier between the landscaping around your building and your windows.

Weather. During the fall and winter you will notice significantly more dirt on the windows than other times of the year. That is why summer is a great time for window cleaning because it cleans off all of the grime built up from the other seasons.

Traffic. This is probably the biggest contributor to dirty windows. Car exhaust in the air creates a residue on the outside glass of windows and leaves a layer of film. If your building has a busy parking lot, the car traffic will cause your windows to be dirtier more often.

It is especially important to keep the windows on the outside of your commercial building clean. These windows contribute to the curb appeal and influence patrons feelings and impression of your business. Whether you have a hospital or a restaurant, you want to put forward the best most professional image possible and clean windows are a part of that.

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