Freshen Up Your Office’s Break Room This Winter

It’s mid-winter and the winter blues have officially set in. Outside, the sky is dreary, any snow is dirty, and it can seem like the gloomy season will never end. However, that sluggish feeling doesn’t have to follow you to lunch – follow these tips to freshen up your break room and make sure a lunch break in your office really is an escape from the stale winter outside.

Disinfect Hard Surfaces

It may seem obvious to thoroughly clean hard countertops, tables, and sinks with an effective commercial disinfectant. However, are you forgetting those crucial smaller spaces such as door and appliance handles, water cooler knobs, telephones, and faucets? These small but frequently-used items can harbor viruses and bacteria if not properly cleaned, so give them a thorough wipe-down as well.

Clear Out the Refrigerator

If your office has been avoiding this task since last year’s spring cleaning, your refrigerator is likely harboring some funky items that could be causing unpleasant aromas in your break room. Throw away any unclaimed food and thoroughly wash and dry containers, shelves, and racks. Now is a good time to place an odor-eater, such as baking soda, to soak up any future unpleasantness. 

De-Gunk the Microwave

One of the most common sources of odor in a kitchen is the microwave. Each time the microwave heats up, it makes scents stronger and propels them throughout the room. Fill a mug with water and microwave on hot for three minutes to steam and loosen any residue. Then, wipe down thoroughly and wash any interior plates and turntables.

Check the Trash

Even the cleanest-looking trash cans can harbor unpleasant aromas. Empty the trash, then wipe down thoroughly inside and out with hot water and a commercial disinfectant. Alternatively, fill with hot water and disinfectant before you leave in the afternoon; empty and wipe out in the morning.

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