Hire an Office Cleaner Before Coming out of Quarantine

Medical advancements are helping our world slowly return to normal after it was rocked by the global pandemic. What does that mean for companies that are headed back into the office after a long period of absence?

Now more than ever before, cleanliness is of utmost importance. However, while “office cleaning” over the last several months may have meant clearing the desk in the corner of your bedroom, cleaning an office building is an entirely different ballgame. If you didn’t previously have a cleaning service for your office building, there are plenty of reasons to start now.

Cleaning Versus Disinfecting

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between “cleaning” and “disinfecting.” While cleaning an area is key to feeling like your environment is neat and tidy, it doesn’t actually mean that it is sanitary. Industrial-grade disinfectants and devices are the only way to ensure safety from the virus and any other pathogens that find their way into your workplace. Fortunately, professional cleaning services have the knowledge and equipment necessary to clean and sanitize your office.

New Industry Standards

Due to the coronavirus, multiple credible sources have established guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing high-traffic public facilities. The CDC has created a detailed set of instructions businesses must follow when cleaning and disinfecting buildings. However, even these well-constructed, simplified guidelines are rather lengthy and can be tough to commit to memory. Cleaning professionals, however, have had a year to familiarize themselves with the newest industry standards to ensure your office building adheres to regulations.

Time Savings

One aspect of the pandemic that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the fact that added steps cause everyday activities to take much longer. For example, getting ready to leave the house involves multiple steps to stay protected, lines are longer at most consumer outlets, and time spent washing hands and sanitizing surfaces slowly adds up. When so much of your time is spent keeping yourself safe from the virus, many other cleaning needs can fall through the cracks. A cleaning service can help save you time while keeping your office neat and sanitary. 

If you’re headed back to the office in Southern Oregon, consider how Vista Building Services can help you return to a safe, healthy workplace. Contact us today to request a consultation and learn more about our services.

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