Hosting A Holiday Party? Follow These Tips

15035785_sThe weather this time of year is cold and wet. That means that people are walking through muddy puddles, leaf piles, and layers of car exhaust residue to get to your building’s front door.

The extra dirt and debris that is tracked into your building this time of year can wreak havoc on your carpet and flooring. And, unfortunately not all of your visitors will be careful or diligent about wiping their feet.

Your flooring will especially take a beating if you choose to have your holiday office party on-site. This can create a fun and relaxing environment for co-workers, friends, and their family members to mingle with one another but, it could also mean lasting stains and damage to the flooring and carpet.

With the holiday season upon us, follow these tips if you plan to have your holiday party in the building this year:

  • Area rugs. Renting some nice looking area rugs is a great way to protect your flooring. These can be rented and then sent off for cleaning so that they take the brunt of any spills rather than your permanent flooring. Many party supply companies offer area rugs that are decorative and durable so that you aren’t placing a rug that takes away from the holiday ambiance.
  • Tables. Make sure that there are plenty of tables and sturdy surfaces for guests to place drinks and food plates. This will reduce the chances of something accidently getting knocked over and on to the floor. Decorate any areas that you would like to discourage guests from using as a ‘table’. For instance, window sills and certain pieces of furniture.
  • While fluted glasses look beautiful, they are not sturdy. Opt for dishes that are both elegant and functional and that won’t be easily knocked over.
  • Make sure there are several garbage receptacles for guests to throw items away. You can decorate these with a simple white table cloth wrapped around the trunk of the garbage can and a tasteful red bow to secure it. Garbage cans don’t have to take away from the ambiance of the party space.

Hosting your holiday party in your building is a great way to encourage unity amongst your team. But, make sure to follow these tips so that it is not done at the cost of your flooring.

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