How Vista Building Services Can Help Your Customers and Employees Feel Safe and Clean During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all corners of the earth, even now – months after the first cases reached American shores. While most Oregon businesses closed for some time in the midst of the pandemic, many have begun to reopen with strict social distancing and cleaning regulations in place.

As such, the CDC and EPA have released a list of sanitization and precautionary guidelines to help keep employees, business owners, and customers alike safe during the reopening. While many of these guidelines involve maintaining excellent personal hygiene and cleaning high-contact surfaces between uses during operating hours, cleaning services like Vista Building Services stand to play an essential role as well.

How Can Vista Building Services Help?

Scheduling regular deep cleaning services provides regular disinfection of your entire facility by a team of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience dealing with such protocols. In addition, maintaining a clean working environment and spotless customer areas helps portray your business’s dedication to keeping your employees and customers healthy and safe during reopening. We’ve compiled a list of common high-touch customer and employee areas that should receive regular attention by a professional cleaning service:

  • Break rooms and kitchen areas
  • Employee and customer bathrooms
  • Water fountains and water coolers
  • Employee countertops and desks, as well as sales counters
  • Retail and storage shelving
  • Customer waiting area surfaces
  • Doorknobs, push rails, and handrails
  • High-touch electronics like phones, computer keyboards, and credit card keypads
  • Elevators
  • Carpets, rugs, and hard floors

Federally-Approved Products

In addition to cleaning guidance, sanitization guidance, and frequency recommendations, the CDC and the EPA are working together to develop a list of recommended products capable of addressing COVID-19. Similarly, the state of Oregon has its own guidelines regarding these issues. Deep cleaning with approved products – many of which are difficult for business owners to purchase at this time – can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 via surface contamination.

Vista Building Services is proud to employ a properly trained cleaning staff dedicated to keeping your employee and customer areas clean and sanitized. We use products on the EPA’s federally-approved list of COVID-19 fighting agents, and have the proper procedures in place to provide a thorough deep cleaning for your building. As a result, your workers and customers can experience the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve utilized every resource necessary to provide a safe, healthy environment.

For more information about our building cleaning protocols, contact Vista Building Services at your earliest convenience.

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