Need Help Keeping Your Business Clean Over the Holidays?

If you have a business in Southern Oregon, and you predict that you’ll need help keeping the company clean over the holidays, consider Vista Building Services for the added holiday support.  Many times, the building a business resides in looks worse during the holidays because of the foot traffic that brings in all kinds of weather and grime.  More people do business indoors because of the chilly weather.  Wet weather combined with holiday rushes and events means that you may not have the cleaning support required to allow your business to look clean all winter.


Keeping carpets clean during the winter months is vital for first impressions.  Consider having regular carpet cleaning scheduled to make sure that your lobby and offices look great during the muddy and slushy months of the year.  Holidays also bring in more foot traffic to most businesses, so having a carpet cleaning service scheduled for regular visits will help keep the floors in your building well-maintained.

Janitorial Services

Regular janitorial services of cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, washing windows, and making sure that dust is managed will in your building is essential during the winter months.  If these cleaning duties aren’t performed daily, then you may see a mess that is embarrassing for your business.  Daily janitorial services are also a great way to keep your business clean and offer support to the staff you already have on-hand for cleaning duties.  If they have a holiday or sick day, then you have the backup support you need to make sure your business still has daily cleaning.

Landscape and Small Repairs

The winter months sometimes allow trash and debris to buildup on the outside of a business.  It is crucial to maintain your appearance around your whole building!   You may also have small items that need repairs.  Vista Building Services not only offers janitorial and cleaning services, we also provide repair services for businesses in Southern Oregon!  You no longer need to try to find several different people to get everything done.

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