Overlooked Spots in Office Cleaning

Keeping your office space neat and tidy can be tough, especially if you’re busy with other work-related matters. Even when you give the place a clean, it’s easy to forget a few key spots. In order to feel fully satisfied after a clean, make sure you give the following spots in your office some attention.

Curtains and Blinds

Since you’re likely cleaning your windows already, you may as well give the curtains and blinds a dusting, wash, or vacuum. For vinyl blinds, you can use dish soap to give them a deeper clean if necessary. Curtains can be dry cleaned or vacuumed, depending on how much dust and debris has accumulated.


Even though walls surround you constantly, they can sometimes be missed when doing a cleaning job. If your finger is gathering dust or debris when you run it along a wall, it needs a proper cleaning. Whether you sweep, vacuum, or dust your walls doesn’t matter, so long as you give them a clean every once in a while.


Taking a break should be a time to relax and get something to eat so you feel energized and ready to continue work. Using a messy microwave can be disheartening and can lower morale, so make sure you scrub both inside and outside to remove any food particles, dust, and other debris.

Behind Machinery

Your printer, for instance, may be stationary, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing building up behind it. Be sure to move large machinery and clean underneath the area, as dirt and dust can quickly build up the longer it’s neglected.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company Today

You may be busy with a large workload, and that’s okay. Rather than try to squeeze in a cleaning session, consider hiring a professional and experienced cleaning company that can provide tools and strategies you may not have access to. Learn more by contacting our team at Vista Building Services.

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