Preparing Your Office for Fall

Fall is almost here, and if you own a commercial building, you’ll want to consider a few ideas to keep things clean. The changing season means more people will begin working inside, and some workers will have different tasks to accomplish to accommodate the weather. With potentially more traffic in your building, consider the following tips to prepare for fall.

Check on the Entrance

You may be working with clients who only come to visit during the fall, and if they see a dirty and unkept entrance, they may quickly turn around. Fallen leaves can quickly find their way inside and underneath your entryway’s carpet, so be sure to sweep the area regularly. Speaking of the carpet, make sure you give it a wash every once in a while, as people need a place to wipe their feet.

Check Your Drainage

When fall arrives, so do more severe storms. It’s wise to check your drainage to ensure it’s all functioning efficiently. Should you experience a flood, you’ll have a way to drain the water and keep things dry. Keep plenty of flashlights, coats, and umbrellas on hand if someone needs safety when traveling through a storm.

Clean Your Equipment and Computers

People may start to catch colds when the season changes, and you don’t want to risk using computers or equipment covered in germs. Use disinfectants to keep your office supplies clean, and make sure you’re stocked up on tissues, hand sanitizers, soap, and other materials.

Experience the Vista Difference

At Vista Building Services, we provide high-quality cleaning solutions to various businesses throughout Oregon. If you cannot clean your office space efficiently after putting in the effort, we’ll be glad to step in and help your building thrive. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

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