Tips For Keeping Your Workspace Clutter-Free

21919807_sWhether you own your own business and run it from your kitchen table or, you spend your work hours in a cubicle or office – keeping things organized and tidy is not always easy. Not only does a messy and disorganized workspace look bad but, being unorganized makes everything take longer because you can’t find the things that you need.

For many people looking for something that they know “is around here somewhere” is a huge pet peeve and they would do anything to avoid that situation. Here are a few easy to follow steps to keep yourself and your workspace organized:

  • Clean out the clutter. Old papers that you don’t need any more are probably the number one thing that is cluttering up your space. These are the papers that you scoop up now and then and put in a pile and tell yourself “I need to get these filed” … but, never do. Go through those stacks of papers and get rid of some. Chances are if you haven’t needed it in the past three months you’ll never need it … and, even if you did you wouldn’t be able to find it!
  • Have clear boundaries. Whether the business is yours or you work for someone else, keeping clear boundaries between work and home is essential to staying organized. If you have a home office, set work hours and close yourself off from your home duties. Don’t try to be in your office while folding laundry.
  • Organize your computer. Just like the physical papers on your desk need organizing – the files and emails on your computer need to be organized, and maybe more so. Carve out one day a week to go through your emails and purge or file anything that doesn’t need to be in your inbox. As you are receiving, creating, and saving documents make sure to file them in a place where you can easily retrieve them.

With spring right on the heels of the first of the year it is the perfect time for you to make good on that resolution to “get organized”. Follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling and use the momentum of spring cleaning and sunny weather to keep you motivated!

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