Vista Building Services Offers What You Need in A Cleaning Service

Your commercial property or facility matters to you, and it should matter to the commercial cleaning company you hire. Learn what it takes to be a superior and reputable cleaning company and why Vista Building Services meets or exceeds these expectations.


1. Established and Experienced

Hiring a company because it offers you the best deal does not always mean you’re getting the kind of cleaning provided by more-experienced companies. New cleaning services often give discounts to boost their customer base. Take the time and research to find an established company with a successful track record. You get what you pay for, after all. Vista Building Services offers a budget-friendly experience.


2. Full-Service Cleaning

Why hire a company that doesn’t provide everything you need? Look for the company that offers it all, like Vista Building Services. Check all that a company offers; those offering a complete cleaning package help you know that, regardless of the occasion, your cleaning is covered.


3. Strict Training Requirements

 A professional cleaning company should be constantly training and improving. Those companies stay current on techniques and technologies, comply with health and safety protocols, and offer the best work with the best equipment. Vista Building Services prioritizes training to give you the cleaning you expect.


4. Certified with High Standards

A company can say they meet all standards and regulations, but do they have the certifications to prove it? Examine credentialing for each service you consider, and check if they are fully bonded and insured. Vista Building Services holds all necessary certifications required by the state of Oregon.


5. Commitment to The Environment

Your company works to be as green as possible, so why not expect the same from your cleaning service? Using eco-friendly approaches demonstrates commitment to the community and the world. Vista Building Services uses only Green Seal Certified Envirox products to do just that.

Hiring an established, experienced cleaning service guarantees your company the best results. Vista Building Services stands ready to give you that kind of service. Call today!



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